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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Jury Is Out

The six female jurors who determined whether George Zimmerman committed second-degree murder when he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year have heard the case and reached a verdict. Innocent on all charges.

During almost three weeks of testimony, they listened to 56 witnesses — 38 for the prosecution and 18 for the defense. A number of items were the source of conflicting testimony, and jurors had to sort out those contradictions in the deliberation room without any new evidence.  The trial was over. The decision was theirs.

Thanks God for America and for our judicial system. It is not perfect.  Yet, if I were going on trial in any county and had a choice it would be America.

Hopefully, on Judgment Day the judge of all the earth will come to the same conclusion. Who am I to second guess then or now, however.
Another verdict of enormous consequence is awaits America right now, and the jury of public opinion is still out. Thousands of innocent victims are sentenced to death each year in this otherwise great country simply because they were so unfortunate to be given a chance at life at a time like this. I am thinking of those precious little one who struggle for life in the womb of a potential mother who decides to abort the child because of (in most cases) the inconvenience it might cause her.
I must admit that I sat in total astonishment as I watched the Texas House deliberate on whether or not a surgically safe environment should be provided when a child is aborted prior to the 20th week of pregnancy—previously it was 24 weeks, and the pro-choice fanatics in mob fashion tried to disrupt the proceedings.
The sad fact is, however, timing is the only consideration at this point. Killing is still okay, it is just a matter of time and whether or not it should be done in a sterile environment. The argument is, therefore, not that abortion should be outlawed; but rather that dirty killing is just undesirable.

I know that we must be pragmatic about these things, but how can one be pragmatic about killing? I guess about the only pragmatic comfort that I can get out of the whole affair is that these little ones are now safe in the arms of Jesus.